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MicroCloud, Docker, and Networking

I am running Canonical’s MicroCloud in my homelab and use it to host a number of different services. As part of deploying those services, I have been creating Ansible roles and playbooks to manage the configuration of each service. The services are a variety of things that I use, such as a Git server (Gitea), a reverse proxy for web applications (Nginx Proxy Manager), a Minecraft server (Crafty Controller), and several others.…
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New Site

In my previous career, I was expected to maintain a curated page listing my academic acolades. I will post that information on this site at some point in the future, but for now, I am planning to start fresh. This site will be dedicated to things that interest me. Mainly, I expect it will revolve around the various technology things I enjoy, especially my homelab setup and the various tehcnologies related to that.…
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